Can ChatGPT Generate Images? (Try DALL·E 3)

Yes, ChatGPT can generate images, but it requires the assistance of DALL·E 3 of OpenAI. To use this feature, you must have a paid ChatGPT subscription. This integration allows you to input text descriptions to create images through DALL·E 3.

While the free version does not support image generation, there are also free AI image generators available, such as Microsoft Copilot, Meta Imagine, and Gemini (Google Bard).

ChatGPT and image generation

ChatGPT can’t create images by itself, instead, it connects with DALL·E 3. This integration shows how AI tools can work together effectively. ChatGPT is great at making text that sounds like a human wrote it, while DALL·E 3 is good at creating visuals. When you ask ChatGPT for a image, it acts like a go-between. Then, it uses its skills to turn your words into an image.

For example, if you ask for “A peaceful scene with mountains, a river, and an evening sky”, DALL·E 3 then interprets this refined prompt to generate an image that matches your description.

How to generate images with ChatGPT

The integration of DALL·E to create an image is a process that blends the art of conversation with the magic of visual creation. Here’s a simple guide on how you can use DALL·E 3 to create images.

Step 1: Upgrade ChatGPT plan

You need a paid ChatGPT plan fee to use the image-making feature. Trust me, this plan gives more than just an image creative tool!

Step 2: Choose the right model

Log in to ChatGPT Plus and use the GPT-4 model, which work with DALL·E 3 to make images. You can choose GPT-4 in the ChatGPT settings.

Step 3: Craft your prompt

To get an image, describe what you want in detail. For example, instead of just saying like “a dog”, try “a fluffy golden retriever on a sunny beach”. The more you tell, the better DALL·E 3 can give the final result.

Step 4: Submit your request

With your detailed prompt ready, submit it to ChatGPT. The AI will look at what you wrote, figure out the details, and work with DALL·E 3 to make your image.

Step 5: Review and refine

After a short wait, you’ll receive a set of images based on your prompt. Look them over and if something’s not quite right, you can request again with more details to make the image closer to what you imagine.

Free alternatives for AI image generation

Looking for free ways to create AI images? While ChatGPT’s cool image-making feature with DALL·E 3 mixes text smarts with image, it does need a paid subscription. But don’t worry, there are many free options out there for making AI images.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a robust tool that leverages OpenAI’s technology, including GPT-4 and DALL·E 3 models, to generate images. It’s integrated into Microsoft’s ecosystem, offering a seamless experience for users looking to create visuals without any cost. This platform is particularly useful for those already using Microsoft products, providing a familiar interface for exploring AI-generated art.

Meta Imagine

Meta Imagine is another powerful model that is developed by Facebook’s parent company. It’s trained on a vast dataset of public social media images, making it exceptionally good at creating visuals that resonate with human emotions and social contexts. Meta Imagine is also a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology and accessing a wider audience.

Gemini (Google Bard)

Gemini (Google Bard), introduced by the search giant, is Google’s answer to the growing demand for AI-generated images. Leveraging the technology behind Google’s extensive research, Gemini offers the ability to generate images based on textual prompts. It’s a significant step for Google in making artificial intelligence tools freely available, showcasing the potential of integrating search capabilities with image ideas.

Final thoughts

ChatGPT can now make images with help from DALL·E 3. However, you need a paid ChatGPT plan to do this, but there are also free tools like Microsoft Copilot, Meta Imagine, and Gemini (Google Bard) if you’re looking to save money.

Hope this article helps you get creative images with AI.

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